I have an educational background in communication that shaped a strong interest for communication in art, both in terms of communication through art and communication about art. Communication thus manifests itself in my practice both as a theme, and as an object of structural exploration through transmedia storytelling (T.S.). T.S. is a method that emerged from the advertising industry for developing discourse in a universe and unfolding it on interconnected media. I have been misusing this method to build a large artistic transmedia project called “Kiral World”.

The core of Kiral World is a fiction I wrote, called “Reflection”, which is about the journey of a professional scent-maker with characters that are references to various works of literature, poetry and visual arts. They are weaved together in a tale that explores the relationship between the imaginary and the real.

The bulk of my work so far has been to expand that world with a range of characters, places, and references that I have been depicting on paper, canvas, objects and digital media. As Kiral World is a transmedia project, its content moves freely between mediums, and characters appear recurrently along the way, carrying symbolic meanings and generating new connections. I use collage as a transversal approach, both from a formal point of view and methodological point of view. Cutting pieces of the world, editing them freely and mixing them with my personal Kiral World is a process I use to digest reality and represent it in a different way to generate reflection.

I use Kiral World and its characters to investigate various topics of interest, which I dissect through the lens of the articulation between the real and the imaginary.


2017-2019 Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Communication, specialisation in transmedia storytelling
2014-2017 Université Libre de Bruxelles, Beligium
Information and Communication

Additional cursus

2019 VIA College University, Denmark
Film production and multiplatform storytelling
2018-2019 Waseda University, Japan
Culture and communication
2017 MIRAI program, Japan
2015-2018 Academy of Fine Arts of Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgium
Painting and drawing cursus

Grants and residencies

2021 Residency at iMAL Art Center for digital cultures & technology (Brussels, Belgium)
2021 Residency at Anscharpark (Kiel, Germany)
2020 Conceptualisation grant from the Digital Art Commission for Truth Dealer (Belgium)


2021 Group exhibition BOZAR x Stichting Ijsberg “Belgicart/It’s a miracle we ever met”
2016-2018 Group exhibition Academy of Fine Arts of Watermael-Boitsfort