Contact: contact.kiralworld@gmail.com

I am a transmedia artist with a research-based practice.

I have a background in journalism and marketing. Informed by this ambiguous background -attempting to render reality through information on the one hand, and manipulating reality through information on the other hand-, my practice is centered on the critical exploration of the concept of media, and on the investigation of media’s content and form. Since I'm interested in “media” (from Latin medium "the middle, interval,") and mediation, my practice is fundamentally focused on in-betweeness and connectivity.

More specifically, I am interested in investigating the connection between reality and imagination to challenge their binary conception and the hierarchy commonly attributed to them.

To conduct this investigation, I misuse a marketing and entertainment methodology called "transmedia storytelling" which consists of connecting non-linear narrative strands spread across media within one universe to create a coordinated experience.

As a prolongation of my transmedia practice, I am also conducting research on experimental sensory mediation supports, mediating vision through smells and audition through haptics.


2023 Rétrospective MuseumLab - City of Mons Biennial of Art and Culture , group exhibition, Anciens Abattoirs, Mons, Belgium

2023 Self-Portrait, group exhibition, Mons Memorial Museum, Mons, Belgium

2023 Tell all the truth but tell it slant_, group exhibition, Face B (OHME), Brussels, Belgium

2022 L'écoute par le corps, augmented concert, Musée d'art et d'histoire, Geneva, Switzerland

2022  Augmented Music, group exhibition, Copenhagen Contemporary (CC Studio), Copenhagen, Denmark

2022 Augmented Music, group exhibition, Distorsion, Copenhagen, Denmark

2021 Belgicart/It’s a miracle we ever met, exposition de groupe, BOZAR x Stichting Ijsberg, Damme, Belgique

2016-2018 End of the year exhibition, group exhibition, Académie des Beaux-Arts de Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussels, Belgium

Grants and residencies

2022 MuseumLab grant, Mons, Belgium

2022 Shake-Up programme, CLICK, Mons, Belgium

2021 Residency at iMAL Art Center for digital cultures & technology, Brussels, Belgium

2021 Residency at Anscharpark, Kiel, Germany

2020 Conceptualisation grant from the Digital Art Commission, Belgium