Truth Dealer is a project that explores the entanglements between beliefs, social media and truth(s) through the concept of “Imagined Realities”. “Imagined Realities” is a term coined by the philosopher Yuval Harari to refer to fictions in which a large number of people believe, with the effect that these myths end up influencing non-imaginary reality. From money to fake news, couldn´t we consider that beyond influencing reality, these false phenomena eventually acquire a certain degree of reality that blurs the classic dichotomies between the imaginary and the real?

Truth Dealer is thus an interactive installation that takes the shape of a “real fake” pop-up shop derived from an online shop that sells products and services with varying degrees of truth. In other words, each product or service is derived from a fake news story, a conspiracy theory or a real scandal.  

By reproducing the current whirlwind of confusion surrounding the notions of true/false, real/unreal under a new form, Truth Dealer aims at generating a distance towards reality. This distance is what I perceive as the condition for creating a space for reflection on the notion of Truth and on the phenomenon of McDonaldization of information in the framework of our post-globalization and post-truth era, which was inaugurated by the election of Donald Trump.

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Project sponsor: Digital Art Commission of the Brussels-Wallonia Federation.

︎︎︎Installation view

Credits: Truth Dealer, Kiral World, exhibition view 01 Tell All The Truth But Tell It Slant, Ohme © Silvia Cappellari

︎︎︎Posters and flyers of the installation.


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